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Headache Treatment Services

Don't let anyone tell you it's "all in your head!" When chronic headaches make it impossible to concentrate, you can't give your family, friends and career the attention they deserve. But not all headaches are created equal. That's why we offer a diverse array of services, from accurate diagnosis to comprehensive cure. Once you've decided to take back your life, we'll pull out all the stops to help you succeed.

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About Us

Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing you freedom from headaches.

Headache Care Center's medical staff is comprised of physicians from various backgrounds, but who share a passion for headache management. Founder Dr. Roger Cady is board certified in Family Practice; and our medical director, Dr. Kent Dexter, is board certified in Internal Medicine. Both are also board certified in Headache Management, and collectively offer decades of experience in the evaluation and treatment of headache. They work closely with one another, and with the interdisciplinary team to offer you the best possible care.

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Our patients love to tell their stories. Here is just a tiny fraction of them, in their own words.

  • The team here has changed our lives! My wife and I feel like we have a new family here. For the first time in 12 years my wife and I get to enjoy life again. Thanks so much. We love you all!

    — Mark

  • I can not express my gratitude for the wonderful care you have given me during the intensive program. You all have truly given me my life back and I will never forget you!

    — Darin

  • After suffering for so many years with severe migraines. I truly thought there was no hope and no answers to be found for me. The Headache Care Center is a blessing! Thank you!

    — Kay


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Patients Served

AssessmentYour initial visit with a Headache Care Center physician can last anywhere from 1 hour to overnight. We take this step very seriously, because it will help us prescribe the ideal course of treatment for your specific condition. Once a plan is in place, we will schedule follow-up visits. These are important to monitor your progress with the prescribed treatment. Adjustments may need to be made to medications, or new treatment techniques may be appropriate. Initially, you may be scheduled for frequent follow-up visits, but our goal is to turn the management of your headaches over to you with follow-up visits to the clinic 1-2 times a year.

BiofeedbackMigraine sufferers can train their nervous systems to cope with excessive stimulation in their environment, through the use of temperature biofeedback. The goal of biofeedback is to teach the body to respond with confidence rather than panic when a new challenge arises. At Headache Care Center, we have found that learning to control stress and its effect on the body can help you gain control of migraine headaches.

PsychologyThere are many psychological techniques patients can use to reduce the frequency and impact of their headache episodes. Headache is a medical condition that may be triggered by psychological factors. An evaluation is done to understand the stress level in the patient's environment, and explore what adjustments can be made. The results are shared with the patient, and a treatment plan is designed to meet his or her unique needs. Treatment may involve education, biofeedback training, and/or talk therapy.

Intensive CareHeadache Care Center offers an out-patient Intensive Program for patients whose headaches are not responding well to treatment. This program focuses on thorough evaluation and diagnosis by the interdisciplinary team, and the development of treatment strategies specific to each patient.

Acute TreatmentAs a headache sufferer, you no doubt have times when nothing seems to relieve the pain. You may even be tempted to head to the emergency room! But there's a better way. Established Headache Care Center patients can take advantage of special care for acute headaches which don't respond to current treatment. Bring your headache to a comfortable setting, and a treatment team that understands your headache. As an added bonus, you will spend less at HCC than a trip to the emergency room or urgent care.